IPIC Exhibitor Policies

To ensure fair and consistent procedures in the selection of Technology Showcase participants, the Government Information Technology Executive Council (GITEC) has developed and enforces the following structure, policies and procedures:


IPIC 2005 Bullet Star Blank proposal forms are given to each IPIC attendee and exhibitor. Any company who does not attend IPIC may request forms be sent to them.
IPIC 2005 Bullet Star Companies interested in participating in the Technology Showcase must complete a proposal form and submit the completed proposal via email, fax or mail to the Council business office. The fax and mailing information are on the proposal form.
IPIC 2005 Bullet Star Each year the Council President appoints a selection committee to review all proposals received for that year's conference.
IPIC 2005 Bullet Star Proposal consideration elements include, but are not limited to:
Bullet Star How does the content fit with the conference theme?
Bullet Point How timely is the subject?
Bullet Point Will there be value and interest to the conferee?
Bullet Point Has the exhibit, with little or no change, been presented at previous IPICs?
Bullet Point What is the quality level?
Bullet Point What support has the proposing company provided within the past three years to the Council/IPIC?
Bullet Point Is a company VIP (CEO and/or President) on the agenda?
Bullet Point Has the proposing company had any violations of the Council's "Private Sector Participation Guidelines & Policies"?
Bullet Point If the proposing company has participated in previous years, have they met deliverable due dates?
IPIC 2005 Bullet Star Companies who are selected will receive a congratulatory letter and two contracts. Contracts must be signed by the company representative and one contract returned to the Council business office by the date specified in the letter.
IPIC 2005 Bullet Star Companies who submit proposals and are not selected will receive a letter from the Council notifying them their proposal was not selected and thanking them for their support and interest.
IPIC 2005 Bullet Star Specific area/space assignment considerations include:
Bullet Point Previous years space location(s)
Bullet Point Facility requirements (electric, room size, etc.)
Bullet Point Space requested (full or shared space)
Bullet Point Company support
Bullet Point Competitors usually will not be placed in shared space
Bullet Point Companies MAY NOT request/choose their space
IPIC 2005 Bullet Star Once the committee has made the final selection decision, no additional proposals will be accepted. The committee selections are final.