General IPIC Conference Policies

IPIC is a unique forum for Government and Industry Information Technology (IT)
executives to meet and share experiences of mutual interest. GITEC has placed great
emphasis on ensuring the IPIC forum remains an environment that fosters invited
conversation. This strategy has proven extremely successful and the Council is pleased with the professional level of participation in IPIC.

To ensure this continued level of mutual professional respect, the Council offers the following guidelines and policies:

IPIC is not to be used as a direct “hard sell” marketing forum. Good technology, good service and good products “sell themselves”. The conference is an opportunity to renew old ties and build new ones and to establish an extraordinary network for the future.
Literature or business cards should be given only to conferees, who show an interest in, or request, the literature or business card.
Company literature is allowed only in Technology Showcase areas and on Information Tables. Information Tables are provided to companies who have made donations to IPIC. Any company placing their literature on an Information Table that isn’t theirs will be assessed a $2000 charge.
Companies MAY NOT have hospitality suites, limousine rides (other than for the immediate company principals), receptions or any other gathering type activity without the written approval from GITEC. Technology Showcases may have light refreshments, no alcohol, in their immediate area.

Companies are not permitted to schedule any activity on site or off site, which conflicts with the IPIC agenda. If there is any question at all regarding this policy, the company should request a written response from the program officer.


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To eliminate any appearances of a “trade show” environment, plastic and paper bags ARE NOT allowed. Canvas and cloth bags are acceptable.

IPIC is a Government executive IT conference that carefully integrates the showcasing of technology, a strong agenda and all other meeting activities into a highly professional package. The Council expects the full cooperation of the private sector so we can continue this executive forum. Each company is responsible for each of its employees and therefore should ensure comprehensive distribution of these guidelines. Any company whose representative does not nurture this partnership by adhering to the above guidelines and polices will not be welcome at IPIC.

The IPIC success is in great part due to the superb partnership that has been established between Government and Industry executives. We must all remain sensitive to sustaining this notable partnership so we can continue to meet again.