IPIC Speaker Policies

To ensure fair and consistent procedures in the selection of Speakers, the Government Information Technology Executive Council (GITEC) has developed and enforces the following structure, policies and procedures:

Speakers are selected from submitted proposals and recommendations from the Board, Executive Advisory Committee and other known sources.
Blank proposal forms are given to each IPIC attendee and exhibitor. Any company who does not attend IPIC may request forms be sent to them or submit an electronic proposal via www.ipicconference.org.

Organizations interested in submitting a speaker candidate must complete a proposal form and submit the completed proposal via email, fax or mail to the Council business office. The fax and mailing information are on the proposal form and/or www.ipicconference.org.


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Each year the Council President appoints a selection committee to review all proposals received for that year's conference.
Speaker considerations include, but are not limited to:
Has the speaker and/or company been on past IPIC agendas?
What is the reputation/quality of the speaker?
How does the speaker/subject fit the conference theme?
How timely is the subject?
What is the value and interest to the conferee?
If this is a company sponsored speaker, what support has the company provided within the past 3 years to the Council/IPIC?
If this is a company sponsored speaker, has the company had any violations of the Council's "Private Sector Participation Guidelines & Policies"?
Organizations whose speaker proposals are selected will be contacted for speaker bios and picture.  

Due to the tremendous number of speaker proposals received, organizations whose speaker proposals are NOT selected will NOT be notified.