Sponsorship Policies

To ensure fair and consistent procedures in the acceptance of donations for IPIC, the Government Information Technology Executive Council (GITEC) has established the following policies and procedures:



IPIC 2005 Bullet Star The Council does not request donations; all donations are volunteered.
IPIC 2005 Bullet Star Donations may include but are not limited to:
Bullet Point Conference Notebook
Bullet Point Music
Bullet Point Optional Entertainment for Theme Night
Bullet Point Signage
Bullet Point Plenary Multi-media
Bullet Point Pocket Agenda
Bullet Point Newspaper and Magazine Ads
Bullet Point Registration Hardware and Software
Bullet Point Conference Bags
Bullet Point Government Showcase Underwriting
Donations for food or beverage are not accepted.
IPIC 2005 Bullet Star An organization wishing to make a donation must contact the Program Officer, and if the proposed donation is available, the organization must confirm the donation in writing to the Program Officer. The Vice President and Program Officer will report all donations to the board of directors at the regularly scheduled Council meetings.
IPIC 2005 Bullet Star Donations are accepted on a "first volunteered, first accepted" policy with the following exception:

The Vice President may select the organizations providing Graphics Support and Golf Tournament Coordination. To ensure fairness with all other donations, an organization who has provided a particular donation one year may not provide that same donation the following 3 years if another company requests to make that donation before 90 days prior to the IPIC.

IPIC 2005 Bullet Star If the company volunteering the donation has violated the Council's "Private Sector Participation Guidelines & Polices" their donation will NOT be accepted.
IPIC 2005 Bullet Star Organizations making donations, if they request, will receive a complimentary information table and up-to a 2 page description of their organization in the conference notebook. The description must be provided in "camera ready" format by the organization. If available, Information Tables may also be purchased. Organizations purchasing a table may also have a description in the conference notebook.
IPIC 2005 Bullet Star Donating organizations also receive recognition in the Appreciation section of the conference notebook.